Unity Free vs Unity Pro and Unity Plus

You’re ready to get your get your hands dirty putting a project together and start downloading Unity. But wait… There’s Unity Personal, Unity Professional, and Unity Plus. Do I need a paid version? Am I going to be missing some important functionality halfway through my project? I don’t know this Unity stuff! Let’s dive right into it.

Answer: No. You don’t have to pay. Just get the free version. Here’s the differences.

Unity Personal – Free

Has all the basic functionality of the engine. Upgrade later if need be. Unless you have raised over $100,000 in capital to fund this game. Or if you launch a game using Unity and it makes more than that much in revenue. A good problem to have and upgrading is small potatoes.

Unity Download

Unity Plus – $25 to 35$ per month

Cheaper if you pay for a year at a time. And when you do, it comes with some tutorial resources. One thing to consider even as a hobbyist/starter. Are you planning to save yourself hundreds of hours in development time by buying some essential assets off their store, this version comes with a 20% discount on a lot of assets. So crunch some numbers. If you are also buying, say City-Building Kit to get your mobile ready RTS ready much faster. It’s a $390 asset. 20% discount saves you $78 on this alone. Strongly consider Pro if you start buying more assets. And if you’re in this to eventually become profitable, there are many assets that are absolutely essential to the speed of your success.

Unity Plus

Unity Pro – $125 per month

Unless you’re already making $200,000+ in revenue, you won’t need this version. Comes with some very good support and additional resources. But is prohibitively expensive for a developer just starting out. Unless money is no barrier in your project and you want the absolute best, then go for it.

Unity Professional

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