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With our development projects and our time on this website, we collectively spend a lot of time on the Unity Asset Store. We are often surprised at some of the incredible and high quality assets we come across.

What is even more surprising is they have little to no exposure. Quite often they are valuable tools at solving a specific problem, or an incredibly well put together package that just isn’t being shown by the asset store’s algorithm. Or Unity shows an inferior asset first.

Not to mention the built in search function on the store is not fine tuned. If you spell one word slightly wrong, you’ll get no results and probably just go on your way thinking that asset doesn’t exist. Or if keywords aren’t properly tagged, assets that can be called several different things miss out on relevant searches.

This article and video series was born out of trying to bring attention to some high quality and useful apps that have slipped through the cracks. This will be an ongoing evolution as we fine tune and update this list constantly. Enjoy!

Unity Asset – Hidden Gems Vol: 2

This addition brings 5 incredible assets that have gone under the radar.

First off is the beautifully made Metropia – Sci-Fi City. Slightly reminiscent of Elysium, this looks like the future and modern city of our dreams. With plenty of potential for a variety of futuristic projects. At such an affordable price, we’re shocked it didn’t have more purchases or was featured by Unity themselves.

1. Metropia – Sci-Fi City

Another overlooked asset is the Volumetric Crystal Materials Pack. This could easily be used in a wide variety of games. Power ups, un-lockables, treasures. It’s a great way to add extra essence to important items in your game. The material doesn’t necessarily have to be limited to crystals and gems. It could be added into any sort of object you want to give an other worldly glow to.

2. Volumetric Crystal Materials Pack

As we mentioned in our video, we are absolutely shocked this high quality asset didn’t have more sales. Of some sort of a feature. It’s clear that it was made with care and attention to detail. Log Cabin is a testament to high quality work put into a well put together package. It’s shown with it’s snowy version, but it also contains a non snowed in version in it’s package. Just something to keep in mind!

3. Log Cabin

There are a lot of of dungeon kits that exist on the asset store. Usually quality rises to the top. Which is why it’s rather surprising Modular Dark Dungeon Pack remains more obscure. It’s clear the quality of work that has gone into the entire package. It’s also a great theme as far as stand alone dungeons go. Do not pass this modular dungeon up if you are looking for a great addition to your dungeons in your project.

4. Modular Dark Dungeon Pack

Every game needs enemies. RPG’s are no exception. That’s why a Super Orcs monster Pack can really enhance your RPG enemy selection. The publisher has put the utmost hard work and dedication into this pack. And it shows. 14 different types of Orcs. All of which look incredible up close. Also being very efficient by having a low poly mesh. Wow and impress people playing your game.

5. Super Orcs monster Pack

As promised, here’s a great little freebie that we came across the other day. It comes with two texture variations. And the ability to change the gem color on the front. You also can’t argue with free. Stylized Fantasy Chest (PBR) is a great little asset.

Bonus – Stylized Fantasy Chest (PBR)

Thank you for stopping by. If you have any suggestions for some hidden gems you’ve come accross in the Asset Store yourself, feel free to leave a comment!

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