The 9 Most Expensive Assets on The Unity Asset Store 2019

The Unity Asset Store is chock full of extremely helpful tools, scripts, templates, 3D objects, and so much more. It has single-handedly helped launch small time indie game ideas into the public eye. With it’s ability to quickly proto-type and get things moving in a quick way.

What are they and are they worth it?

As more of an exercise in curiosity, some people ask what are the most expensive assets on the store? And are they worth it? Well lucky for you, we have compiled such a list. Also putting together some info on how valuable these assets really are. Let’s take a look.

Note: We will not be mentioning assets in these price ranges that have zero reviews for obvious reasons.

Unity Asset Stores Most Expensive Assets
If you’ve ever been curious!

9. Atavism 2019.1 OP Standard

Starting off this list is one of the strongest contenders on the Asset Store. Atvism is an all in one power house package. Encompassing all things MMO. This juggernaut really is one of the most complete packages that exist on the store.

8. Urban Traffic System

Perhaps you are building a Grand Theft Auto style game. Or maybe you are putting together the next Sim City successor. Could even be something that is completely different than any game realized yet. One thing that is for sure, if you’re planning to have a thriving, realistic city that moves, flows, drives, and obeys traffic lights and pedestrian walk ways, this is the asset you should be considering. Avoid the extreme time sink of creating all kinds of vehicles and driver behavior.

7. Humanoid Control Pro

Humanoid Control Pro is a simple, yet very useful utility. It provides a way to quickly animate a character controlled by a player using VR. Along with all the nuances of what VR introduces into a game that isn’t normally present. Like Face rigging that supports face and eye tracking. Gaze, pointing, and touching controller inputs. Also supports professional tracking and motion capture software. Also, having all of this with built-in networking.

6. SoundToolKit

SoundToolKit is an extremely complicated piece of software that can be described easily. A virtual professional sound studio. Taking real life science and simulating environments and interactions, you can come up with basically any kind of sounds your imagination can come up with. If your game or project needs very high quality sound, this is the tool to provide that service.

5. Single Face Tracker Plugin

You ever wonder how Snapchat tracks your face well enough to put a moving puppy dog face on it? Well this is basically that technology in a nutshell. So you can let your imagination run wild on what potentials an asset like this could provide.

4. Mantle Environment System

It’s probably best to let them explain it in their own words. “Mantle is an automatic city, terrain and transport system generation tool that saves you months of world building time by directly rendering a 3D environment into your Unity scene from online mapping data using a Mantle theme of your choice.” Bit of a mouth full. Basically if you’re looking to build a large scale world with a somewhat repeating environment, this is your go to asset.

3. Specialized service in production of 2D elements

Now that’s another mouth full of a name. Specialized service in production of 2D elements. And if you watched their videos, you might be just as confused as we were. Basically what we’ve gathered is this is a clever way of combined typical GUI elements with materials of a developers choosing. And combines them into efficient run time elements. An interesting package none the less. We would be skeptical, but it does have an average 5 star rating with 16 reviews.


UFE; standing for Universal Fighting Engine. This particular package being the full blown deal that comes with the direct source code for programmers you want the full potential that this fighting game engine has to offer. There are many other versions of this package that exist. Anything from a stripped down ‘Lite’ version, to the most complete package you see listed here. This is also our highest number of ratings for assets on our list. coming in at over 130 at the time of writing this. Along with another 800 reviews from his other versions. No doubt that Mind Studios is making quite the tidy profit from this excellent package.

1. AVPro DeckLink

We have finally arrived at the most expensive asset or the Unity Asset Store. AVPro DeckLink. What is AVPro DeckLink you might ask? It is a professional plugin for Unity that adds support for BlackMagic DeckLink capture hardware. Allowing capture and playback between broadcast quality hardware and Unity. You might also ask, what is BlackMagic DeckLink? It’s a piece of hardware. A capture card to be specific.

That wraps up our very expensive list!

We hope that this article has been at least somewhat informative and quenched your curiosity on some of the most expensive assets that exist of the store. Surprisingly, it seems most reviews find all of these assets to be of value enough to justify their purchases. Just something to consider for future development.

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