New Unity Asset Store Gems of October 2019

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This month there was a ton of quality assets released by well established developers. I’m sure you, like us and everyone else, only have so many hours in a day. So we’ve narrowed the list down to our top 8 picks of assets you should know about for October 2019. Here they are, in no particular order!

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8. POLYGON- Apocalypse Pack

This incredibly large pack of assets is ready just in time for Halloween. If your project is low poly, than it’s always worth checking out anything released by Synty Studios. They have a huge library of assets that can all fit together, or work as great stand alone packages as well.

7. World Maps Pro Bundle 2

Kronnect is no stranger to the asset store. Very well know for their widely popular Beautify and Volumetric Fog & Mist. In this bundle, it is combining four of their popular assets into one complete package. Which sells for about half price. The bundle Includes:
World Political Map Globe Edition 2
World Political Map 2D Edition 2
World Map Strategy Kit 2
World Flags and Weather Symbols
So if you are developing any sort of strategy style game, definitely strongly consider World Maps Pro Bundle 2

6. Modular Fantasy Village

An incredible little package. With that Warcraft 3 kind of hand painted style and look, this package is well worth the price. Containing over 200 prefabs and six tile-able terrains, the value is here. Modular Fantasy Village is great for an RTS, Tower Defense, or RPG. Even with this publisher being fairly new to the asset store scene, they are already releasing high quality content!

5 Hand Painted Fantasy Mega Bundle

While we’re on the topic of hand painted style, it’s only suiting we point out to you this amazing bundle that has just recently been released. The Hand Painted Fantasy Mega Bundle. Which holds true to it’s name. Combining their other asset’s, Autumn Level Set, Cloudy Dungeon, Fantasy Demon Caves, Fantasy Village, Floating Islands, Hand Painted Textures Pack, Low Poly Orc, and Rock Formation Bundle. Which brings this all to a third of the price versus purchasing each one separately.

4. Modular Medieval Village HDRP

Bringing you back more into the realm of realism, this is a highly detailed recent release from Manufactura K4. Who has a history of releasing highly detailed RPG like enviroments for years on the Unity Asset Store. This time bringing you a module medieval village. Great for 1st person RPG’s.

3. 500 Skill Icons vol.2

Poneti, who have released an immense amount of high quality icons and GUI’s, have outdone themselves again. Presenting this time a package containing 500 skill icons. Obviously suited for any kind of RPG project that involves a skill tree.

2. Super Confetti FX

Let’s add a fun one into the list. What’s more fun than some particle confetti explosion effects? Released by a true veteran of the asset store, Arachanor VFX have done it again with Super Confetti FX. Particle effects are not only a great option because they can look great when tweaked properly, they also use very little precious resources. Helping your project run smoother.

1. MEGA Towers Pack

Last but not least, the MEGA Towers Pack by VSQUAD. Newcomers to the Unity Asset Store scene, they are quickly rising to the to with their incredible quality assets. Most recently Their MEGA Towers Pack. Which combines many of their successful assets. Combining their Human, Goblin, Elves, Fairy, and Mini Towers packs. Along with their Creatures and Flora packs. A must have asset if you are building a tower defense game with this graphic style in mind.

Bonus Assets!

We couldn’t mention assets this close to Halloween without including a few of our favorites. Just in case you’re considering adding some themed areas to your game to go along with October.

Spooky Cemetery Bundle, Scarecrow Pack, and Event Icons

Thanks for taking the time to read our list. We appreciate everyone who stops by our site. Feel free to make suggestions of any incredible assets you have discovered recently on the Unity Asset Store!

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