Guide to Building a Side-Scrolling Game

As with all of our guides, we are assuming you are using Unity to build your game. Also, you understand the power and value of the asset store. We often link to purchasable assets. This is in the best interest of you the developer and streamlining your project.

The Side Scroller Genre

One of the most successful, and varied, game types in history. From classics such as Super Mario Bros, Super Metroid, to more modern takes like Terraria, Hollow Knight, and the LittleBigPlanet series. Done properly, this genre still proves it can be wildly successful in today’s game market.

Getting Started and Templates

When it comes to creating a side-scrolling game, it would be foolish not to recommend one of the most comprehensive engines in creating this type of game. One of the most downloaded assets of all time. And for good reason. The Corgi Engine.

If your on a tight time frame, or you don’t have a dedicated graphic designer for your game, the creators of the Corgi engine have a more deluxe version. This is the same engine, just jam packed with a ton of graphics and features for more quickly building your game. This is a result of a collaboration with the famous Alien Nude background designer, and More Mountains. The creators of the Infinite Runner engine. If you are very serious about seeing your game from start to finish as an indie developer, then you should be highly considering getting this very comprehensive game development package.

While we’re on the topic of Alien Nude. It is really worth checking out their entire library of scrolling graphics they have made specifically for 2D games. All their work is too good to narrow it down to a few, so here is a list of all of their high quality work. IF you can’t get find what you’re looking for, the second list contains a huge amount of side view art and graphics.

Space Shooter

Maybe not quite considered a side-scroller traditionally, it shares a lot of the same base concepts art and programming wise. So it only makes sense to include it in this list. If the space shooting type is what you’re looking to build, there is also a wealth of resources when it comes to creating this classic game type. Even though it is slightly out of date, it’s still the best asset in it’s class at this time.

While we’re in the space shooter topic, this asset definitely deserves your attention. Sci-Fi Spaceship Effect Pack X is a great addition.

Or if you are planning to really amp up the amount of shooting. Like a bullet hell style shooter. These is an incredible addition to make your life easier. 2D Shooter Bullet and Weapons System.

Interfaces and Tools

Whether launching your game, keeping track of stats, achievements, items etc. You will need an interface. There are plenty on the store. But it’s safest to go with the most trusted and known for ease of use. Simple UI is what you’re looking for.

If you are more of an artistic developer, and perhaps not the most handy with coding, we would definitely suggest this asset to make your life easier. Deserving of an entire page to its existence, Playmaker removes a lot of the struggle with connecting key components of your game. Leaving you more time to deal with the artist and creative side of creating a masterpiece.

🔨 Under Construction!

From this point forward we recommend coming to the guide at a later date. We only have so many hours in the day and hope to have all guides 95% complete within the coming weeks. Thanks for stopping by!