Guide to Building an Open World Game

As with all of our guides, we are assuming you are using Unity to build your game. Also, you understand the power and value of the asset store. We often link to purchasable assets. This is in the best interest of you the developer and streamlining your project.

The Open World Genre

When you think of open world games, you think of classics such as Morrowind. Or newer iterations like Fall Out 4, Breath of the Wild, and Red Dead Redemption 2. You’re in the right place as. All though not a particularly easy game to build as a small studio or indie dev. We can point you in the right direction of getting a pretty good prototype up.

Your world

What might seem like a big undertaking can actually be a lot quicker and more automated than you would expect. You’re going to notice several key assets make several appearances across our guides. It should be obvious that an asset that’s great at creating an entire MMORPG world would also be the first choice for terrain building in a large scale open world game. So it would be foolish to omit the ever amazing Gaia – Terrain Generator.


Having dynamic weather that changes on a whim really helps immerse players into the sense of wonder and realism. An easy to edit weather solution is what you want to be integrating. That’s where this asset comes in. Made specifically to be fully compatible with Gaia.


Remember not to forget to see the forest for the trees. In a giant outside world. We’re going to need areas for NPC’s and enemies to hide. Not to mention the numerous other objects. See we might as well implement an incredible looking forest.

🔨 Under Construction!

From this point forward we recommend coming to the guide at a later date. We only have so many hours in the day and hope to have all guides 95% complete within the coming weeks. Thanks for stopping by!