What Is Unity and Why Should I Build My Game with the Unity Engine?

We discuss why indie developers should be using Unity to create a game

If you’re new to the indie game development scene. Or a beginner when it comes to making games. You’ve come to the right place. Here we will answer some of the early questions people have when first thinking about getting into making their own game! What is Unity? To put it simply, Unity is a … Read more

Selected Character and Environments – Unity Asset Store January Sale ❄️

It’s been awhile since Unity had a sale. And we would have to say, these are some pretty choice assets for them to choose. We find Characters and Environments to be some of our most used types of assets. New PromotionThrough January 31, 2020, 23:59:59 PST, new customers can save 10% off all asset store … Read more

🎵 12 Days of Unity – a Christmas Parody and the Featured Assets in the Video

With the holidays around the corner, we wanted to make a less serious video. A fun comedic take on developing in Unity. Who wouldn’t want to receive all of these awesome Unity Store assets? With so many featured in the video that are rapid fired at you, we are making a list and checking it … Read more

👨‍💻 Unity Asset Store Black Friday Sale and Cyber Week Mega Sale

Unity Asset Store Cyber Week 2019

Cyber Week Mega Sale 2019 This years Cyber Sale is huge. Over 2600 assets on sale. Since it’s a bit mind numbing to comb through that many assets, we have sorted them by category. We have also put a gold star next to the most popular and best reviewed assets in each category to help … Read more

🦇 Second Sale in October 2019 🦇 Unity Asset Store

Well for some reason Unity is having another unannounced Asset Store Sale again this month. After going through every item that’s on sale, it became pretty clear to us this is specifically geared towards racing games. Or if you are making a Grand Theft Auto style game, now is your chance to grab all the … Read more

16 Incredible Pixel Graphic Assets

16 Unity Asset Store Pixel Packages

Perfect for your upcoming game or project. We have just recently compiled a list of the 16 best assets that are currently available on the Unity Asset Store! Game Building Templates Just in case you haven’t yet picked the game template you are planning to build your game with, we always recommend the following to … Read more