About Devtoid

This site is for the little guy with the big idea. You’re not alone! Start now and start the right way.

Devtoid helps you hit the ground running when it comes to game development. Being involved with everything from simple web apps, puzzle iOS games, to large scale VR releases, we know exactly how daunting it can be to start, let alone finish, a full project on your own. Or with a small indie group of developers.

When people ask us, where did we start, we always recommend Unity. Yes, there are other options out there. And if you decide to go a different engine route, that’s completely fine. There are plenty of resources out there to help get you started. What really attracts us to Unity is the massive amount of community driven assets and help that exists out there already. And growing everyday. We prefer to go to where everything is developed first, and by far the most options.

In the end, it really is the clear choice for us to recommend. Take the path of least resistance to getting a project started, and launched. The amount of assets that can help you do most the heavy lifting for you on the asset store is nothing short of astounding.

Devtoid serves as a growing compendium of knowledge to get you started on the right track for your game or project. Save hundreds of hours and head aches when it comes to developing tools and assets to assist you. In this day and age of instantaneous knowledge and resources, why reinvent the wheel over and over again?