16 Incredible Pixel Graphic Assets

Perfect for your upcoming game or project. We have just recently compiled a list of the 16 best assets that are currently available on the Unity Asset Store!

Game Building Templates

Just in case you haven’t yet picked the game template you are planning to build your game with, we always recommend the following to get you started with your pixel project.

Side Scroller

We have a more in depth guide to building almost an entire side scrolling 2D game with Asset Store packages alone. So check it out here later if you need a quick reference guide. The Unity package we recommend for a side view style game is hands down the Corgi Engine. They have been the top game making tool for years. And for good reason. Perfect for Metroidvania or Mario type games.

Top Down Game

Another classic of pixel games is the top down style. Similar to Legend of Zelda. From the same creators of the Corgi Engine, they have released the aptly named TopDown Engine. And it perfectly fits your needs for a starting point when making a pixel style game.

16 Pixel Graphics

Now that we’ve gotten the templates out of the way, lets jump into our list!

Please Note: These are listed by type. All of these assets are of very high quality! So it wouldn’t be right to put them in a competing “best” list.

Top Down Levels

Obviously one of the fun essentials to get started with. This can really help fill out how you want your project to look. So getting started from the ‘ground up’ is the perfect way to put it. The classic setting for the pixel type of retro game. A good ol’ fashioned dungeon. This publisher has really captured the look and feel of an old school pixel dungeon.

1. Retro Pixel Dungeons

While we are talking about the excellent work from Perpetual Diversion, we definitely have to show case another one of his works. Be sure to consider his Retro Pixel Landscapes package as well. Might as well have an above pixel world to adventure in.

2. Retro Pixel Landscapes

If you really start motoring along on your levels, and you want to add more, we’ve got another great recommendation. More content is king, and video games are no exception. That’s why we think Top Down Pixel Dungeon Levels 01, 02, and 03 are the right fit. Be sure to consider them when you expand your levels. Even though it’s technically 3 different packs, we’re going to bend the rules a bit and list them as one on our list.

3. Top Down Pixel Dungeon Level 01, 02, and 03.

Side Scrolling Levels

Perhaps you are more inclined to create a game from the side view. Which is also an excellent choice. In fact, typically character and sprite sheets for items usual work just as well in that perspective. So other than main level elements, most of the following assets should work in either perspective. This is a great pack to start off with. The Mega 8-Bit Pixel Pack.

4. Mega 8-Bit Pixel Pack

If you’re looking for a slight jump up in 2D graphics, there is an incredible package that is very comprehensive for an entire game build. Containing 10 worlds, a bunch of characters and weapons, and a ton of in game items. 2D Retro Pixel Art Platformer Pack is definitely one of the most complete packs for a side scroller.

5. 2D Retro Pixel Art Platformer Pack

Characters and Enemies

Your game is going to need both a player controlled character, and most likely, a bunch of NPCs. You could pend ages making them on a sprite sheet, staying up late tweaking animations and pulling your hair out. Or you could use an incredibly well put together package that handles all that for you, and lets you make custom little pixel guys.

6. Retro 2D Characters

This project would be pretty empty without some bad guys walking around our world. So lets add some very well made and added pixel enemies to our list.

7. Retro Pixel Monsters

Now lets get even more creatures in your project. The last pack is a great starter set. But to really flesh out your world, you’ll want some more variety. The aptly named Pixel Mobs is the perfect addition to your other pixel asset packages. It has over 50 different enemies. Most coming with many additional color themes assuming you add them in later as advanced or harder versions of their easier earlier types.

8. Pixel Mobs

On the topic of monsters, lets get some real tough guys in here. We can’t seem to mention the work by Perpetual Diversion enough. Superior quality and they really capture the feel of retro 90’s pixel games. His Retro Pixel Bosses pack is no exception.

9. Retro Pixel Bosses

Items and Gear

We discussed levels and enemies. So it’s only natural we would progress to items, weapons, armor, gear, and basically loot on general. Besides, it would make your game feel pretty empty if your player wasn’t receiving anything as a reward fro progressing through your game. Let’s open up with this great little pack. Pixel Art Inventory Icons.

10. Pixel Art Inventory Icons – 16 x 16

While that pack is a good starting point, we might as well keep going. RPG Inventory Icons is another amazing addition to your in game items and loot. The same tile set size as the previous pack at 16×16, it keeps in theme. And with over 500 different items, that should really help round out the content in your project.

11. RPG Inventory Icons (Retro pack)

Pixel Effects and Sprites

If your making a game, any type of game really, never skip out on adding some essential effects. They really add some fun factor and polish to your project that would otherwise leave something to be desired.

That’s why we highly recommend Pixel Arsenal. Even though they are technical 3D effects, they set up really well in a 2D scene. So good ahead, add these to your library of assets and enjoy the fun that comes with tinkering around with them.

12. Pixel Arsenal

On the topic of pixel FX, it would be a shame if we didn’t also mention Pixel Art Particles Pack. Because it is also an incredible asset. Bust suited to a side scrolling type pixel game. But would work either way.

13. Pixel Art Particles Pack

Pixel GUI

Having everything the same theme is essential for almost every type of game. Pixel games are no exception. Hence needing matching pixel graphic user interfaces.

Chances are your game, like most, will have some sort of menus present. Perhaps some windows or UI that deals with level selection. Maybe use and storage of items. In game dialogue. Well there is a great little asset that deals with that in a nice, tidy little asset. Pixel UI.

14. Pixel UI

There are a huge variety of font tools on the Unity Asset Store. A pixel font tool is no exception. So we highly recommend Pixel Art Fonts for your pixel word needs. They are highly customizable

15. Pixel Art Fonts

Not all programs render on screen the same way. Having parallax issues, differently sized pixels, stretching and squishing of some lines. Pixel Perfect Camera eliminates artifacts and jittering related to sub-pixel positioning that can happen. Just because you eventually got your pixel game running crisp and clear on your computer doesn’t mean it will run on all different setups as smoothly. The perfect way to wrap up this list. Do yourself a favor and just get it!

16. Pixel Perfect Camera

That wraps up our list!

We would like to thank you for taking the time to read our content! Please feel free to add your own suggestions or join in the discussion below.

We have much more thorough game creation guides that we are writing and updating everyday. For further reading on this topic, our Pixel Essentials guide is very relevant to this list.

Bonus Suggestions!

Pixel and Retro Style Music and Sound FX

Yeah that title is a bit of a mouth full. But you would have to agree that a great pixel game needs suiting music and sound effects to match.

Pixel Music

Let’s zone in on a specific era of music. Let’s let our minds wonder to the pinnacle of pixel graphics. The SNES era. Why? Because it was an amazing time for pixel games. While we have let our minds and imagination wander, lets listen to the sounds of Super Retro Audio Bundle. An absolute gem among retro game music. Publisher Evil Mind truly brings us back the 90’s gaming scene.

17. Super Retro Audio Bundle

Pixel Sound FX

When it comes down to sound FX for almost any kind of game, we would be doing you a disservice if we didn’t mention possibly the best sound pack to ever grace the Unity Asset Store.

18. Universal Sound FX

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