🎵 12 Days of Unity – a Christmas Parody and the Featured Assets in the Video

With the holidays around the corner, we wanted to make a less serious video. A fun comedic take on developing in Unity. Who wouldn’t want to receive all of these awesome Unity Store assets? With so many featured in the video that are rapid fired at you, we are making a list and checking it twice. So sit back, and enjoy a parody created and written by us. Merry Christmas!

1st Day of Christmas

Obviously this is just successfully uploading a made project. Nothing is quite as deflating as not having an entire project upload successfully. Especially as they get much larger in size. Consider upgrading to either Unity Pro or Unity Plus to get even more access to powerful resources within Unity.

Check out Unity Pro and Unity Plus

2nd Day of Christmas

Polygon Packages by Sinty Studios

Check out their featured assets here!
They have almost too many to list, but we’ll try our best. One of the great things about purchasing from Synty is that all of these asset packages theme well with each other. They are one of the largest publishers that everything fits together with every other package. A modern day Lego company of the Unity Asset store! These are the packages featured in the video compiled in a nice compact list.

3rd Day of Christmas

Three Corgi Engines

The corgi engine has been around long enough of the asset store that it has gathered hundreds of positive reviews and multiple types of engines launched. There is literally three awesome versions of their incredible game engine for non-coders.

Corgi Engine 2D + 2.5D, TopDown Engine, Corgi Engine + Handcrafted World

4th Day of Christmas

One of the most influential and valuable tools on the asset store. Helping thousands of developers create games faster and more efficiently, is PlayMaker. Used by many successful dev teams. Including the Blizzard team behind Hearthstone.


5th Day of Christmas

A long time juggernaut of game and terrain creation on Unity. Gaia Pro. Create beautiful expansive world sized landscapes with the stroke of a mouse. Almost like painting the scene in real time. This Christmas list wouldn’t be complete with out it. Even more suiting it’s the line in place of holding the long note for golden rings.

Gaia Pro – Terrain and Scene Generator

6th Day of Christmas

If you’ve played a game with immensely beautiful lighting techniques, there’s a good chance it was either this asset. Or another similar asset from the same creator. Use the best possibly lighting techniques in your project to awe and inspire your players.

Aura 2 – Volumetric Lighting & Fog

7th Day of Christmas

If you’re looking for a quick and easy sky box solution for Unity, and you don’t want to spend a lot of money, look no further. AllSky is the perfect solution. It’s quick, easy, and cheap. Plus it has a ton of options if you eventually want to have a huge variety of sky lines in your project.

AllSky – 200+ Sky / Skybox Set

8th Day of Christmas

Looking to optimize your meshes in your project and increase performance? Look no further! This is the best asset at what it does. Coding magic really.

Mesh Baker

9th Day of Christmas

We featured for awesome UI’s in our parody video. Currently can’t remember which ones they were. So here’s a highly suggest UI for developers. Very StarCraft feel to it.

Full Sci-Fi UI (uGUI & NGUI)

10th Day of Christmas

The incredible prototyping asset created by signature artists and along with the Unity dev team. Very valuable in jump starting your game project.

Snaps Art HD | Buried Memories Volume 2: Serekh

11th Day of Christmas

This incredibly visual asset that sparks the imagination on so many potential project ideas. Not to mention how CPU efficient particle effects are within a game engine. Let your mind wander with creativity as you implement Living Particles into your game. Also think about the potentials this could have in the right VR setting!

12th Day of Christmas

Up your graphics game. A high quality project deserves a high quality shader that gives that final shine and polish your world needs.


And that concludes the assets featured in our amazing 12 Days of Unity Christmas parody! Merry Christmas and happy developing.

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